Project 944
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Here is the list / chronology of work
MAY  2003:

As of May 6th:
As usual, work fell behind, and the car is now due back on Saturday, May 10.  I have updated the suspension page and the bodywork pages, so check them out for the latest pictures.  More to come soon, as I plan to take more photos once I have the car.  The paintwork is done and it looks awesome.  I changed my mind on the color, slightly, from Speed Yellow to Zinc Yellow.  You'll have to see it to understand... 
At this point, the body is done, although the 968 mirrors and door handles still need to be installed.  I bolted in the Recaro seats last Friday, when I tool the day off from work, and also got the Simpson harnesses installed.  The roll bar is in. The steering wheel, interior door panels, and dash cover still need to be done.  The suspension is almost all together, as the springs, shocks, bushings, and torsion bars are on, but the sway bars still need to be added.  It will also need an alignment.  The engine is almost together, as the Jet-HOT Sterling coated cam cover and intake proved challenging, as they needed to be honed before re-installation.  I think I'll run the car for a little while before adding the K&N filter and the Autothority chip, but we'll start using the new Magnacore wires immediately.  I'll add them when we take the car to the dyno, to verify the benefit.  The transmission is all set, with the new spring clutch, GT LSD and Autothority short shifter added, although I still need to install the AGLA shift boot.  Of course, the new Kokeln solid motor and transmission mounts are already on.  The BK strut brace still needs to be added.  The exhaust is almost together, although we're not sure if we'll install the hi-flo cat, or leave it running with just the test pipe.  It depends on the noise.  The 951 brakes are on, although the Pagid pads were misplaced, so Kevin may order in a new set.  I'll provide another update after I get the car.  Still planning to run at NHIS on 5/12-13 for the MetroNY PCA DE.  More on that later, too, of course!
As of May 10th:
I just got back from Kevin's.  We got the door handles and mirrors installed (see bodywork link above), and I finished the harnesses and I put the license plate on the car.  I also installed the fire extinguisher.  The car was running for the first time today, and Kevin actually took it for a short ride!  The exhaust is on and it sounds awesome!!  Still needs door panels installed, strut brace, steering wheel, and alignment.  Plan to do all of that on Monday, and still hoping to get to NHIS on Tuesday.
As of May 13th:
The car is still not ready!  Ugh!
I went to get it today, but just as I got there, Kevin noticed that there was something wrong with the front passenger side.  He spent an hour diagnosing the problem: wrong spindle!  We sourced some used spindles to accommodate the 951 brakes and the driver side was fine, but the passenger side was the wrong part.  (Same item, but from a different year, so - a slightly different size)  So, the dismantler was called, and he offered to send the correct one via next-day-air, so I will pick the car up tomorrow.  In the meantime, Kevin and Randy installed the interior door panels, and the shift boot.  However, the shift boot does not seem to fit properly, so I will call AGLA to try and resolve the issue.  I installed the steering wheel and I vacuumed the rugs.  Still need to install the power window switch, get the car inspected, and fix the wheel bearing / spindle issue - all of which should be done tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  Lastly - hoping to get to NHIS for Open Track test and tune on Thursday, 5/15, as I missed both days of the MetroNY DE event.
As of May 16th:
I picked up the car on Wednesday and drove it to, on, and back from the track on Thursday, without incident.  This, despite a major dumbkopf uncovered on Wednesday:  I failed to fully communicate the fact that the wheels that came with the car were 15", and the 951 brakes require 16" minimum.  So - I had to drive it with the used Kumhos on it.  The fronts were spent after a couple of sessions at NHIS, but I still made it home.  I've since ordered some used wheels from Greg Esmail, so I can use them for the street, and I ordered a new set of Kumhos from Russ Castagna for the track. 
At any rate, the car understeered all morning, even after adjusting air pressures, shock settings, and rear sway bar.  In the end, we determined that it was probably due to the condition of the tires (old Kumhos).  For now, the shocks are set for 8 in the front and 7 in the back (based on 24 settings, where 1 is the most stiff and 24 is the softest).  The front sway bar is not adjustable, but the rear bar is set to full stiff.  The front pressures were set to 30 hot and the rears were at 36 hot.  I'll leave the settings as-is for the Glen next weekend, and see what happens.  The good news is that I can adjust these things at the Glen, if necessary, and that Caroline is a very good judge and she provides very useful feedback as a test driver.  Kevin noted that the front brakes were locking up, so he removed a pressure release valve from the rear, to balance things out a bit.  Otherwise, the car was fine.  Still need to get the new wheels and tires, get the car inspected, and see about a hitch for the tow-behind trailer. 
As of May 31st:
Well, The Glen experience was interesting, as usual.  It rained the first day, and that made things a little hairy.  I was driving on the wheels and tires that I bough from Greg Esmail, and although Kevin and I each checked the pressures, and we had each checked the tread, and everything seemed cool, the handling was still weird.  I wasn't sure that it was due to the tires, but I was hoping that it would clear up once I put on the new Kumhos.  I had them in the car for the ride out to Watkins Glen, while Caroline and baby flew in to Buffalo.  They hitched a ride to the track in George and Karen's camper.  Regarding the handling, the car would drift to the right under heavy acceleration, like around 4500 RPM, especially of the gas pedal was used in an abrupt manner.  The car would jerk back left if the pressure was released from the gas pedal.  Smooth inputs did not create such extreme behavior.  I later found out that the tires were mismatched - the fronts were the same, but the back tires were different - from the fronts and each other!  The rear driver tire had a directional tread - going the wrong way!  The rear passenger tire was not directional.  This is probably the reason for the erratic handling.  Also, I am now learning to be a smooth driver, as the C4 used to mask all of my inadequacies.  I found out early the first day that this car, unlike the C4, requires either a heel and toe downshift, or atleast some throttle input while the lower gear is engaged.  I popped the clutch coming down the chute, entering the boot, and found myself sideways.  My lack of smoothness, combined with the stiff suspension, the rain, and those tires were all contributing factors.  I had an instructor in the car and he confirmed that I was not going to fast.  He thought that the poor footwork was the main issue.  At any rate, I almost caught it, but the car spun in toward the apex, onto the grass, and it just grazed the armco, causing very minor damage.  The front bumper is scraped and the turn signal is busted, both on the passenger side.  So - I worked on being smooth for the rest of the weekend, and I still have a long way to go.  The weather was better the second day.  I got about 2.5 good runs and Caroline got in 3 good runs.  There were three runs the first day and four scheduled for the second day.  We participated in all of the sessions, even in the rain.  My times were quite slow.  Caroline, who always had a leg up on me in the smoothness category, was also slow, but atleast faster than me!  I used to be faster in the C4, which did not reward smoothness as much as this car - but now the order is reversed.  So - I am extra-motivated to get this thing figured out!

APRIL 2003:

The car went to the body shop on April 10th for full paint job.  The car will be painted bright yellow.  It should be done in about two weeks.  Then - back to Kevin at Randolph Racing for one more week of final assembly.  I plan to have the car on 4/25/3, but I have a feeling that things may get help up at the body shop.  There should more updates coming this month, and hopefully final project photos and details.

MARCH 2003:
Still in the process of building the car.  Lots of new stuff bought.  Projected completion date is pushed to April.

Dropped it off at Randolph Racing for Kevin to start building as a Class H PCA Racer:
• Engine and Transmission are out of the car.  Engine is being rebuilt and transmission (was a 951 unit) is being replaced with one from a stock 944.
• Adding a Limited Slip from Guard Transmission
• Bought camber plates and a solid bushing kit from Karl at Racer's Edge
• Also Bought shocks and springs from Karl at Racer's Edge
• Bought "Charley" A-Arms and Caster Blocks
• Working on the interior, planning to add a new wheel, dash, seats, and shift knob
• Bought a Safety Devices roll bar from Stable Energies
• Bought an exhaust from Tim at Speed Force Racing
• Bought some Cup Wheels from friends in Florida
• Bought a door to get the body work kick-started

Bought the car in late January 2003
More to come...