Here's a small collection of some of my favorite photos of the 964 Carrera 4. These and more are located on the other pages within the site.

First track event. Watkins Glen in May 2000

here's the car at Watkins Glen in October, 2000. We enjoyed some snowy weather on the track!

These are our nieces, Jane and Betsy, checking out the safety harnesses in 2001

Here's Caroline at the Autocross. Note the original wheels and rollbar

This one is from Watkins Glen in September 2001. Deb Gouveia and her then fiance Joe Millin came up from Florida for the event. This is the best pic that I can find with my full Infiniti / Trailex rig

Here's the only professional pic that I ever bought of the car while on the track

here's the car at Lime Rock Park in November, 2001. I believe Caroline is driving with an instructor in the passenger seat

OOOPS!!! Watkins Glen July 2002

here's the 964 right after it was "converted" back to a street car