1967 Penske Camaro Z-28
Mark Donohue - Daytona - TransAm 

This model shows the Penske Camaro as raced at Daytona in 1967.  Donohue did well in 1967, winning three Trans-Am races, despite missing races to run at LeMans in a GT-40 and for the  Bridgehampton Can-Am race. 
At the first Trans-AM race in Daytona, the bugs still weren't worked out, however.  The team didn't take delivery of the car until early January, and it was a rush to get the car ready.  Donohue led the race early, for several laps, but numerous problems including handling, bad brakes, and an ignition failure forced the car to retire from the 300-maile race.  This was Donohue and Penske's first Trans-Am race, and the car's potential would not be realized for several races. 

Between races at Daytona and Sebring, the Penske team was hard at work improving the handling and brakes of the new Camaro Z-28.  Starting in fifth position, the team of Mark Donohue and George Wintersteen finished second overall.
Donohue's first Trans-Am win was in the Z-28 at the Marlboro 300.
"In 1967, we didn't worry about the Camaros at the beginning of the season, because Roger and Mark were having alot of problems with those cars..  But, as the season progressed, we worried about them alot."  Chuck Cantwell (Jerry Titus team)

Note the details in the drivetrain, leaf springs, sway bars, headers and exhaust pipes...
Above we see the rear leaf springs, shocks, and brake rotor (disc brakes were an option on these cars)
Below, note the control arms, and front sway bar detail.
Note the removable air cleaner!
In 1967, the Penske team raced with the stock 302 cid motor.  In 1968, the team changed to a 400hp Traco engine.